Drone Course

Geographical Dramatics 1



The Beauty Shot – (illustrated LECTURE points)

Geographical dramatics the scenic wow’s facility.

Let’s look at the Beauty Shop.

As a quick recap.

Working backwards.

You’re aiming to make an outstanding video.

You’ve collected some footage which you want it into that video the footage that you’ve selected is going to have dramatical elements within it.

The dramatical elements will have been generated from you having selected a series of different flight patterns that you use to fly through the landscape to collect the footage.

The specific set of dramatics that we’re discussing here are the dramatics that come from what you see in the scene in your view what is going on in the geography there.

Specifically the beauty shot.

Look at the photo in the background here.

This is something that I collected mid flight in Bali very stunning as you can see the way to think about the beauty shot.

It’s the shot that generates a sense of stunning or when people see it.

It’s where their jaws dropped.

The ground exclaiming how beautiful it actually is.

Now this beauty shop is beauty comes from when you’re generally just up in the air.

It’s not something that you’re going to see specifically from the Cover Reveal.

The discovery reveal those are discussed elsewhere.

You will see beautiful scenes in those things.

What I’m talking about here is how you get this sense of beauty from your general free flying a way to think about the Beauty Shop.

It’s pretty much like a photo.

So how do we get a good photo kind of things that you’re always looking for are interested interesting patterns in the landscape varied colours complex scenery sunsets mists clouds upi’s.

Maybe not but these but you get the idea.

To make sure that the dramatic that you get from the Beauty Shop is as strong as possible.

Here are some top tips.

These will apply to taking photos as well landscape photos particularly you want to be flying and shooting in the golden hour.

So that’s the hour around sunset or sunrise where you’re going to get the best most interesting light.

You really need clean air for this.

You got any smog in the air then it’s going to detract from the sense of beauty.

I’ve had a lots of shots ruined by this.

Unfortunately you also want to be setting your GoPro or whatever camera you’re using to its wide angle setting.

So you’re getting as much wide details in as possible.

Typically you’ll be flying a little bit higher up here as well so that you can get those details in.

You don’t need to go very high but just a little bit higher up.

We’ll make sure that you haven’t got obstructions in the way of the big view that you’re getting in.

What flight patterns and then themselves.

Best to actually getting the beauty shop in the can.

Well the line is a great starter.

That’s where you’re flying along and you’re collecting details from the landscape as you go down a particular line the lines automatically have details within them that’s why you’ve chosen it.

And so they’re more likely to lead to you getting these beauty shots.

The 360 is the other big winner here.

It’s pretty much the point of the 360 is to get a unobstructed panoramic view up in the sky.

And they should always be looking beautiful.

That’s why you’re trying to collect them in.

You can also get these from things such as the crab or you’re going along sideways.

You’re a bit closer to stuff here.

So it’s not quite a strong source of the Beauty Shop similar Lee as well for the elevator.

You’re flying straight up in the air.

You’re getting in lots of wide angle details so that can be quite good for the Beauty Shop.

But the line in the 360 are the one that you’re really going for.

Gotcha’s would you need to watch out for what things are going to weaken that dramatic.

Well you want to make sure that you don’t get any flight erratics in there.

So steady flying.

No you’re.

No sudden movements.

You also want to avoid getting any unwanted insure items.

So man made stuff typically weakens the beauty dramatic pylons telegraph poles those kinds of things.

Will you do with these clips once you’ve actually got them in the can.

Well they make excellent intro clips.

Partly this is because you want to keep these clips pretty short.

This has always surprised me I’ve made one or two videos which are almost totally e.t. shots and those videos are watch for about the shortest time of all of my videos.

People love beautiful shots.

The only one to see and for about three or four seconds.

So continue to think of these little bit like photographs.

The beauty shots make a fantastic contribution to your overall production too if you’re flying in an area where you can get these beauty shots then really make sure that you get them in they’re not vital to have in every single movie that you end up making.
But if it’s possible get them in the can.

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