Drone Course

Gimbal Skills To Master

Emile skills are key to you getting fantastic footage.

You combine them with various flight patterns that we’ll talk about later on in this course and with those two skills in hand.

You stand the best chance of producing something really outstanding ready for you to edit.

Even if you don’t have a gimbel it’s worth looking through these exercises.

So you know the kind of things you have to be practicing.

For each one of these and talk through the skill that you need to be able to practice is also going to be an example video that’s going to show how that can be executed.

They get progressively harder as well.

What you’re trying to do with the game ball is not just move the game ball but typically you also trying to fly the drone at the same time.

This comes particularly challenging as you can imagine.

Generally the way gimbels work is they’ll be a slider on your controller that you move around to move the game ball from straight ahead to all the way up to all the way down and all the positions in between.

The best way to do this is to move the slider to the position that you want the gimbel to be pointing and then let the cymbal follow afterwards.

Often the gimbel’s will not move at the same pace as the slider.

There’s no point trying to tie your slider movement to match the pace of the gimbel.

It’s much better to let the gamble follow you get a much smoother action as result of that.

So let’s look at this first exercise.

This is a pretty simple one.

What I want you to do is to get a hover in space nice and still and then rotate the gamble all the way straight down and bring it back up to about 45 degrees and then bring it back up to the horizontal.

The challenge here is to both make sure that the drone stays nice and still as it’s hovering and then also that you hit that straight down and that 45 degrees and particularly you hit a level back out at the end of it.

Often you may miss that level when you come back out of it and you fly off continuing to collect footage discover that you were pointing slightly to the sky or something else like that which you obviously don’t want.

Here is an example of where this is happening in action.

Second challenge gets a little bit harder this time you’re no longer simply hovering.

You’re flying along in a straight line as you’re flying along.

I want you to be able to point your gimmel from straight ahead to go straight down again and then bring it back up to 45 degrees and then back up to the horizontal.

Meanwhile continuing to fly.

Here’s an example again to show you this.

Third gimbel challenge is getting even harder.

This time you’re not flying for that relative easy to do.

Were you trying to fly straight up or straight down as you do it.

You’ll be manoeuvring the symbol as well.

The trick here is to not start to wander forward or backwards so as you raise up or you float down you want to be moving your gimmel all the way down to the horizontal to the all the way up to catch different sorts of that ritual on the way.

In the example I’m going to show you why I was to start drifting forward.

I would have been in a lot of trouble as you clearly would be able to see.

This final exercise.

This is probably the one of the hardest manoeuvres of all.

This is where you’re going to float up over something and then fly over the top of it and as you do fly over the top of it you win a pan you will gamble down and this is where you’re going to be trying to get that ridge that you’re flying over to remain in the centre of your frame.

Very tricky to do.

So there you have it for inbal skills to master with exercises to do as well.

If you can get these right then you stand a chance of getting some truly outstanding footage.

Once you combine these with the flight patterns that were going to talk about later.

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