Marketing tools

The introductory letters

Having a good letter to introduce your company and its products and services is a very important and inexpensive marketing tool. More and more, these letters will be emailed, rather than mailed normally.

An effective introductory letter will be short, typically no more than one page. Like with so many other things we have seen in this blog, we have to think of the limited amount of time we have to capture the attention of the reader.

The subject line should usually be no more than eight words and explains a direct benefit to the customer. For example:

“More affordable printing solutions for your business” or “Healthy meals in just a few minutes.”

In the body of the letter, it is common to begin by introducing a common problem that your typical customer has. By describing this problem in detail, the reader will identity with a need for your solution when you present it.

Now that you have the reader’s attention, introduce your company and the solutions you offer to the specific problem mentioned by clearly explaining what your company does. In the next, very important paragraph, mention specific benefits to the customer. Explain how your product or service will help your customer save money, save time, live more comfortably, look younger, feel better, work more efficiently, or whatever it is that your products or services do to benefit customers.

Be sure to end your letter professionally, with a respectful closing statement, ending with “sincerely” or “best regards” and including your full name, business name and title.

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