Drone Course

Design principles adding annotations

What design principles should we be following for how we annotate our videos by annotation.

I mean anything that goes on top of the footage that you’ve been collecting the sort of things that people like to put on their videos are labels around where exactly the flying’s being occurring things such as who you are.

Little bit of self promotion.

Information around how you actually got up in the air to do all of this thing called recopy to your using is X the goggles I’m using this batteries I’m using a y little bit of advertising for the companies that you’ve already given your good money to.

Thanks to your mom thanks to your better half.

That sort of stuff.

Thanks my family for allowing this to happen.

All things to have on the video you need to ask it off a few questions about what they’re actually doing there whose purpose is it serving people want to state what the funky music is it’s playing in the background.

Now I think this is one of the few exceptions that it does have a place in the video ending on what your deal is with where you’ve got the music from.

Often it might actually be a requirement for it to be on there.

If you’ve got some appropriate agreement with whoever actually owns the music outright if it’s not yourself.

So there were a few design principles you need to think through as you think about your annotations.

You want to go back to basics number one.

Is it entertaining for the audience to see these annotations there.

Does it in some way add to their experience they’ve got from watching your videos.

I think you’ll find that in a lot of cases the answer is probably no.

So one way to help avoid these issues because you still may want to actually put stuff out there is try not to have any standalone annotations so sections of your video where all you’ve got are the words that you decided to put up there.

I started making mistake with this when I first started producing videos and I’d have a five second little bit up front of the video and you would lose viewers immediately an absolute total waste of time to have it there.

They have no interest in actually putting this stuff there.

So you really must do that but it towards the end of the video when many of the people will have probably already left it at all basically try to avoid it.

The golden rule here is that they should get to continue watching and enjoying the video that’s going on in the background so they can have a look at your annotation if they want to but meanwhile they can basically ignore it and continue to enjoy the show.

If we think about it look at the way that TV and stuff works these days with the advent of things such as Netflix and DVD almost everybody skips the credit and in the information at the beginning they want to get straight to the show as very good reasons for that in the main.

It’s simply not entertaining to the viewer.

So you want to avoid standalone stuff is the absolute worst.

Don’t put.

Thanks for watching.

It comes across as some sort of like high school project.

People should be thanking you.

You’re the one that’s done the hard work to do the flying and do the production.

Having very distracting watermarks permanently across your video as well is a little bit of a no no.

I’ve generally not had this at all.

Recently I found some of my videos have been lifted completely out of YouTube where people are no longer even linking back into YouTube but they’ve extracted the video from YouTube and posted themselves.

And so it’s led me to have a very small hopefully very non distracting watermark somewhere on it.

You need to make your own decision about that.

One other rule I think is important to follow.

If you can have anything that is integrated into the rest the background footage which is the only way you should be doing this then try to introduce it only for a short period of time maybe 10 seconds put it after 45 seconds into the overall show so that you don’t put people off.

By this point you’ve hopefully won them.

They want to actually stay there for a little bit longer.

So that is the kind of rules that you should be following about.


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