Drone Course

Cross Border Operations


For the purposes of this guidance, international boundaries are considered to be coincident with lateral FIR/UIR boundaries.


• UAS operators planning to operate beyond an international FIR/UIR boundary must comply with the regulatory and ATM requirements applicable to the territories over which the UAS is flown; these may differ from UK requirements. Whilst the CAA will provide guidance on cross border ATC procedures, including detailing the arrangements for those areas of airspace where ATS provision is delegated either to or by the UK, guidance on foreign national procedures is to be sought from the appropriate State National Aviation Authority (NAA). This requirement stems from the Convention on International Civil Aviation (‘Chicago Convention’), which states that:

⁃ “No aircraft capable of being flown without a pilot shall be flown over the territory of a contracting State without special authorization by that State and in accordance with the terms of such an authorization. Each contracting State undertakes to insure that the flight of such an aircraft without a pilot in regions open to civil aircraft shall be so controlled as to obviate danger to civil aircraft”.

• For the purposes of the Convention the territory of a State shall be deemed to be the land areas and territorial waters adjacent there to under the sovereignty, suzerainty, protection or mandate of such state.

• ICAO requirements concerning the authorization of UAS flight across the territory of another State are published at Appendix 4 to ICAO Annex 2, Rules of the Air.

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